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Our belief

CDN believes we're more than beavers and ice rinks, red and white or a maple leaf. Canadian apparel is failing to reflect the diversity of people who live in this country; with intricate lives and interests, stories and values that make them who they are and this place what it is. Don't get us wrong, we're still hockey loving, mountain climbing, cold beer drinking people. 

Canadians are on the come-up; leading the cannabis industry; taking on the creative scene; getting chefs on the map and emerging entrepreneurs through the door. 

For a country reputed for always saying sorry, it seems we’re acting pretty unapologetic. It would be problematic to assume that we’re all the same; but the thread we do hold from the West Coast and Northern Territories, through the Prairie Provinces, to Central Canada and the Maritimes, is that we’re so much more than nice.